Micro Budget Filmmaking

Who Am I

I am Saki Bomb.

I am an author, screenwriter and director and in the fall of 2020.  I wrote, produced and directed my first full feature narrative film with 11 actors, 10 locations for 3500 in 8 and ½ days with just 2 people in the middle of a global pandemic. This was not my first film, but it was my first narrative feature. It was less than perfect but it was a project that I am extremely proud of for so many reasons.  

I have produced and documented four micro budget documentary features : LA ish Documentary, Rose Colored Lens, SPIT and UNtouchables. I have also produced and written content for the Lipstick TV which is the largest black lesbian channel on Youtube.

I am a micro budget filmmaker.

During my 10 years as a micro budget filmmaker, I have learned a lot. Most of my lesson were through all my mistakes made. My hope is that this blog can somehow inspire or help others in this pursuit of filmmaking.


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